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How to Adjust Your Bedding Bear's Face to The Cutest Look

21 févr. 2023 beddingset

Adjust the mouth: The mouth can also affect the cuteness of your bear. Position the mouth so that it's not that protruding. This will give your bear a friendly, inviting expression.

Here's how: Hold the back of the bear's head, and use the wrist to push its chin upward at an angle of 45 degrees.

*Important: Remember not to push vertically. 

Adjust the nose: The nose is another important feature that can affect your bear's overall cuteness. Position the nose so that it is slightly turned up. This will give your bear a happy, contented expression.

Here's how: Hold the bear's ears with index and middle fingers of both hands. Put your thumbs on both sides of the bear's nose and push upwards diagonally. Hold for a few seconds and repeat several times until when you are satisfied with the look.

Adjust the eyes: The eyes are the most important feature when it comes to giving your bedding bear a cute look. Position the eyes so that they are looking slightly upwards and towards each other. This will give your bear a sweet, innocent expression.

Fluff up the fur: Gently fluff up the fur around your bear's face to give it a more cuddly, plush look. Brush its fur with a toothbrush or other soft brush. 

Adjust the details: Hold the bear's head in your hands and lift its face up with your thumbs. 

Put on Outfits: You can dress your bear up using different outfits to further enhance your bedding bear's cuteness.

Remember, adjusting your bedding bear's face to the cutest look is all about positioning and fluffing. Play around with different expressions and find the one that you think is the cutest. 

Check the video down below to see exactly how: 

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